The Oscar Swan


The Oscar Swan is a Destination in Illinois and an idea best described by



"The Mystique of Oscar Swan"





Thus, instead of explaining what the Oscar Swan is, or not is, we just refer to

its Mystique


      mystique: qualities or skills that set a person or a thing apart

              and beyond the understanding of an outsider. 

                                  [The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language] 



The idea of "Oscar Swan" started with a large estate once owned by Oscar Swan.  Today, the original estate has only eight acres left, all within the city of Geneva.  Sharing the space is a renovated 1836 barn, an old corn crib, a 1902 mansion and a modern suspension tent.  The mansion, once owned by Oscar Swan a banker in Chicago, was updated in the 1930's, the 1950's and the 1980's representing still an example of the opulence known during the 1930th and 40th.  The old Lincoln Highway passed by the estate where a historic marker reminds of this earlier time.


Today, the "Oscar Swan" is connected with the idea of a "Bed and Breakfast", but it goes beyond the tradition of a "BED AND BREAKFAST", since nowadays even motels give you a bed and a breakfast. We therefore want to be associated with a "HISTORIC COUNTRY INN", located in the City of Geneva IL., preserving history and the lavish life-style of multi-millionaires, during the 1920's and 1940's.  Staying with us over night you can select one of our unique rooms, named after members of the Swan Family and the Harding Family.  Frank Harding, a wealthy cattle insurer, bought the estate from Oscar Swan during the 1950's. After an eventful life, with tragic events,  the Hardings's sold the remaining estate, which is now managed by Hans and Nina Heymann, former teachers in the Chicago area.


Continuing to maintain the mansion and the beautiful grounds, which include several acres that were never plowed or cultivated, is a time consuming effort, shared by all of the workers at the Oscar Swan Country Inn.  Nina, a trained home economist, is managing the Inn and helps in planning special events.  Our food is known as excellent and is served at weddings, parties, reunions, birthdays and other special events, such as our MURDER MYSTERIES and Ghost-Hunting parties.  Pat a longtime banquet manager, is setting up for special events using a wide variety of our precious china plates and dishes.  Hans, a former engineer with GE and a University Professor of Finance, is raising Daylillies in a variety of colors, while maintaining different gardens that are connected by a path through the untamed wilderness.


Not to forget our conscientious helpers who keep the Inn, the Grounds, the grass and the flouwers in good order. Guests who come to us experience our unique atmosphere and enjoy the beautiful grounds. There is always the question how we keep all things in operating conditions. Thus, instead of mentioning work and knowhow, we just refer to the Mystique of Oscar Swan.



                                                                            Thanks, we love you all