The Oscar Swan Geneva

1800 W. State Street

Geneva IL.

Tel.: 630-232-0173



You can have a ceremony only

at the Oscar Swan.


   Prices start at

    $5.00 per person for 25-50 people

    $7.50 per person for 50-75 people

    $10.00 per person for < 100\people


  prices include set up, the space,

the chairs and the clean up.



Time frame:  2 hrs.


there are prices for any additional services to be discussed before

the event.



The Oscar Swan  Catering offers 

    your choice of food and full bar services for

brunch, lunch, and dinner food, presented in

Cocktail Party style

buffets or food stations, or

as sit down plated meals.


  Prices depend on specific menus chosen,  

  and are discussed prior to the event.


  Food Prices range from $20 to $50 and up.


  Bar prices range from Non-alcoholic to full       premium bar servicesxt (double-click to edit)


Call Nina at 630-232-0173


.use the e-mai address

see also

past immages


Oscar Swan Weddings


while consider your

special event.

imagine the many different things we have done over time, 

For informatio and questions



give us a call at


make an appointment

 come and see us.


We help you to plan

your special event



The Oscar Swan

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Thank you for your interest in Oscar Swan.


We do the catering and beverage service for Brunches, Lunches,

Dinners, Food Stations, or Cocktail Parties from simple to very special.


You can choose your own menu. Our Food is prepared on site

 and has received high praise.


We have parking for over 120 cars on the premises and more near by.



When you e-mail us, it is helpful to express your ideas, so that we can

 better help to plan your special event.


Give us a call  at  630-232-0173  to arrange an appointment or

to get answers to your questions.

We have different Wedding Venus:


  • our suspension tent

  • the elegant mansion

  • different gardens

  • a rustic barn

Plan a Wedding with

 Oscar Swan in mind