Howdy .

every first Friday of a month, 

between  7  to  9 pm

we have a


" Meet and Greet Gathering "


The Oscar Swan Geneva 

1800 W.State Street, Geneva  IL


Al and Sue Schubert play Country style music

of the 50's and 60's.



There will be Pub food and Bar service.



All music, food and Fun for just $5 /person


       Greetings from: 

                            Hans and Nina




The main Idea of the

"Club Oscar Swan"

is to meet friendly people, to dance and to enjoy a peaceful environment without stress and to learn from each others life experiences.


We hope that this Idea finds fertile support. Invite some of your old friends, especially those you have not seen for a while.


In addition, we plan to provide a

basis to learn about

Story Telling

which is an important skill that

can be learned and which is usefull in any life's situation.

We hope this idea finds fertile suppor


                Greetings from Nina and Hans

A personal Note on Story Telling:


There are many comments on the Internet which are

  interesting but misleading for our purpose. As such


  • Tell a story like you talk.

  • select a topic people can relate to

  • omit any unnecceary details

  • have a relevant point to be made


do not worry about how the people react, you are still learning the art of story telling.


   If you like to get informed about the "Club Oscar Swan" and

  and recieve information about upcoming events and special activities


   send us an e-mail       nina@oscarswan.com 

start the subject line with   The Club ..


We will put you on our e-mail-list




We have festive Holiday Dinners

in our historic mansion.


The Oscar Swan Geneva

1800 W. State Street

Geneva IL.

Tel.: 630-232-0173





The Club Oscar Swan